What's the big idea?

Don't you hate it when you're trying to enjoy a movie in your home, but someone keeps talking over it? Say goodbye to that problem with the Earing-Aid!

Watch it in action!

How's it work?

When the Earing-Aid detects someone talking during a movie, it activates a servo to raise the volume of the movie. Soon, all your problems will be quiet compared to the movie, and you'll be able to enjoy your night once again!

How I built it

I began by assembling the Arduino board and electronics. I worked in the Arduino compiler to create the code behind the project, using GitHub as a learning resource.

Once I had a working code, I began to create the holster and the ear. I started by downloading Blender, and teaching myself with some youtube tutorials.

Once I had created the ear holster, I was able to 3D print it overnight and woke up early to paint.

After assembling the whole thing, I had fun creating a video using Adobe Premiere.

What I learned

Some of the skills I learned include operating servos using Arduino, organic 3D Modeling in Blender, and I was able to build on my skillset of video editing.

What's next for The Earing-Aid

The possibilities are endless! Perhaps building a giant ear in movie theaters to help deter people from talking.

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