A simple 2d RPG adventure game that uses HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript (featuring the game engine simpleGame.js, whose documentation can be viewed on http://aharrisbooks.net/h5g/documentation.html).

You take the role of a young adventurer who seeks to conquer the world's most menacing duelists in the dungeons and prove himself worthy of becoming the Ultimate Duelist. Fight your way through several dungeons and enemies possessing different fighting styles, strengths, and abilities as you gain more combat experience and gain respect from your people.

WALKTHROUGH: First level: You find yourself in a green, luscious, and wide open terrain, where the mayor is waiting to speak to you about an important mission you ambitiously seek to take part of. Speak to him first. (If you try to enter the dungeon before speaking to the mayor, your character will turn back and say that he must not enter the dungeon unarmed). After talking to the mayor, he heads off, leaving you with a projectile weapon to fire missiles at enemies. Now you can enter the dungeon.

Second level: The first duelist on this level will simply move around very rapidly around the perimeter of the area, and try to quickly evade your shots. You however have a 30-second time limit to defeat him with your missile shots. Time yourself carefully and take him out!

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