The Drop is a cross-platform experience equipping the future with a unique and innovative way to transact with itself. In 2017, approximately 11% of the average American household income was spent out and about. The Drop aims at pushing forward that trend, incentivizing users to adventure out and earn money through journeying to digital locations called drops.

What it does

Adventure around your city and encounter digital drops, scan the QR Code posted on a flier, and instantly get Venmoed a certain prize amount. Coupled with a venmo API, QR Code technology, and a cross-platform experience, The Drop designs an experience where everyone can participate.

How does it work?

The Drop combines one of the most popular, easy payment platforms today— Venmo, with Google's beautiful Maps SDK. Our idea with the drop is to offer a real incentive for people to get up and do something, and have fun while doing it.

Participants who embark with any of our platforms— mobile, android, or iOS!! are eligible to participate in future drops. Once a drop happens near them, users are notified through either firebase push notifications or twilio texts that the drop has begun. If you're the first one to get to the location, and scan the accompanying QR code at the said location, you instantly get the money! Simple as that.

How we built it

We built a web application, andriod app, and iOS application, bundled with Google's Firebase that allows users to get notified of drops, either through push notification or text messaging. We used Google Cloud to push out drop requests and a local server to handle incoming QR Scans.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're especially proud that we were able to make the drop cross-platform during the 36 hour hackathon.

What's next for the drop

Our vision is to popularize the drop for students here in Isla Vista, or even partner with local shops to promote their businesses. We especially realized that we could be on to something if we expanded the drop to a payment scale. Imagine selecting an exact location in the world where you'd like to send money— Whether it's directly to Australia to aid people in the devastating Bush Fires, or if it's to your lazy friend who you'd like to troll and see them get up. The possibilities are exciting!

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