Where did it come from? I am always surrounded by technology, and no matter how great it can be I must have some form of balance in my life. Since I don't have the means to make mad dashes to the Caribbean, the mountains, or go diving every week I was determined to find a way to bring them all to me (and everyone else).

What is it? The Drift is all about stepping out and away, if only for a moment or two. It's simple; put on your Moverio BT-200's (if they aren't already on), open The Dash app and soon you'll be gliding through some of the most beautiful canyons, cresting over high mountain tops, flying over snow covered forests, gliding through deep ocean waters and maybe even find your way into space; all in HD 360⁰ views. As your head turns to view the surrounding landscape sounds of the environment accented with soothing instrumentals clear your mind and take you farther away.

Proud? The clarity, the content of the footage and the effects of sound and motion accompanied by a simple yet effective user interface make this experience purely one of a kind.

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