At another hackathon, a mentor gave me the idea on how it would be helpful to have customers try on their clothing online. He expressed interest in taking advantage of graphics and web cam functionalities. Therefore, I decided to give this project a try!

What it does

This app detects your face and then lets you "try on" your outfit. You can select from 6 crazy styles!

How I built it

The main functionality was based off of a user's tracker.js extension. The rest was done in regular HTML and Javascript.

Challenges I ran into

Since I was a one-man team, I wasted time on things that I know I couldn't do. If I had teammates, my brainstorming session would not have been that long.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

All of this. I coded all of this by myself in 20 hours. Although I wish I coded more, I'm proud that I am able to submit a working demo.

What I learned

I really learned more about HTML5's Canvas. The majority of this app uses that functionality, and I think I'm finally appreciating what HTML5 has to offer.

What's next for The Dressing Room

Sadly, these pictures are static and are not too proportional to the user's distance. I'd like to fix the logic in the future.

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