Just like you, we hate to witness all the suffering in the world. Lots of great initiatives are being undertaken to make a change, but we feel the core issues are not quite being addressed here. With The Doomsday Button, we want to touch the essence and make an actual change to the great country we live in.

What it does

The Doomsday Button will nudge the world into the next frame with every click. Every time you push the button you make a lasting change to the world by retweeting the, at that time, most relevant tweet of President Donald Trump's himself! It is time to make a change for real and make America great again!

How we built it

1 guy, 1 raspberry pi, and 2 Solace employees.

Challenges we ran into

Tech is complicated. Quite often, it will not work like you want it to. Sometimes the equipment is faulty, sometimes the ones who are operating it, but in the end it's all about the dynamic between the two. A techie, should strive for harmony with their equipment, but this is not always easily achieved. A techie and their equipment develop a complex relationship over time, that cannot be rushed and must be build up with care.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The button worked!

What we learned

We learned that makeathons are not to be underestimated. It is easy to under- or overestimate the work you'll be able to do and that is probably the biggest pitfall. Also, unexpected failures may come on your way, which should be taken into account and dealt with carefully so not to jeopardize the project later on. Although perseverance a respectable characteristic is, sometimes it is more suitable to pull the plug on a project sooner rather than later to decrease its sunken costs. At the same time, we learned lots about hardware and software integration in terms of how full systems are supposed to work together. Interfacing the different theoretical components is a big part of that and should never be underestimated.

What's next for The Doomsday Button

Global deployment! We are thinking about making this appeal to users globally by tailoring functionality to local figures, all the while keeping focus on making America great again!

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