The patient's ability to access needed medical care from competent and qualified physicians is expensive, inefficient and frustrating due to unnecessary third parties and time consuming manual processes that get between patients and their doctors. This creates mal aligned incentives between many healthcare stakeholders and has led to our current fraudulent, wasteful, and expensive healthcare system.

What it does

We solve this problem by first freeing the core value creators to move freely and do their jobs. Once physicians are able to authenticate their identity and interact digitally without third party oversight or interference they will then be able to interact with the patients who need them most in a peer to peer privacy preserving way.

We do this by first providing access to HPEC; a decentralized identity and credential mobile wallet for practicing physicians. The wallet allows physicians to store and share their credentials, present their identity, control how they interact digitally, and build their own referral networks. It can later allow them to directly connect with patients and issue them their health records free from 3rd party influence or interference.

How we built it

​​We launched our alpha version on the iOS and google play stores in late 2021 and currently have over 800 physician members. HPEC is built using DID:web and DID:key open standards with the potential to integrate DID:near ( Our front end is built with React Native in typescrypt with expo ejected modules, our back end is in GoLang and JavaScript with Kurbernetes and Microservices archetecture our database is in PostGres and Dockerfile. We launched our alpha version on the iOS and google play stores in late 2021 and currently have nearly 800 physician members as of July 2022. We also have an internal dashboard in React and Evercred also built in React. Evercred is a permanent decentralized user centric solution to issuing and maintaining accurate and up-to-date professional credentials for physicians. Evercred was also developed and launched in 2021 and will be used in a pilot project we have with an ACGME-approved residency program. Evercred and HPEC are interoperable but not interdependent because they interact with any other Decentralized Identity System creating an unlimited upside potential for the future of Web3

Challenges we ran into

Very few developers know and understand decentralized identity and who understand the problems of healthcare enough to pay attention to the project. As with many Web3 projects in

Accomplishments that we're proud of

800 Physician DAO members to date Decentralized in ownership (>400 physician owners) 2 pilot projects with academic residency programs.

What we learned

People like to build what they understand, and there are many ways to skin a cat. Doctors will abandon early stage projects if they are not UX/UI perfect.

What's next for The Doctors DAO

Scale to >10,000 physicians and lead the future decentralized healthcare revolution

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