Getting motivated is hard. For many people out there, especially those who suffer from disorders like ADD, it's almost impossible to get motivated, unless there is either some sort of a sense of urgency - a deadline to hand your work in, for example - or when they are trying to help somebody.

Sadly, I can't cure procrastination, but with this project, I'm trying to recreate that sense of urgency.


I was inspired by a simple thought: "I wish somebody just checked up on me from time to time". Originally I actually wanted to start a college club with this idea, but since technology is what I know best, I decided to try and bring this idea to HackingEDU.

What it is

DYGDHW pairs you up with people who have similar interests, to create mutual accountability - you check up on your partner, and they check up on you. Another part of it is being able to help somebody with something, thanks to the powerful collaboration capabilities of Moxtra. And, of course, if either of you miss the goals you set for yourselves, you get to shout, and tell them to go DO THEIR GODDAMN HOMEWORK.

DYGDHW is powered by MongoDB, Express, and Node.js, and makes use of Moxtra APIs. The user interface was built using Google's Material Design Lite widgets.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I ran into an issue with Moxtra API involving unusual symbols in the ID field - it took hours and a lot of help from a Moxtra engineer to fix it (shoutouts to Ram).

This is the first time I've worked with databases, so I'm quite proud of that. But the most important thing is fixing that Moxtra issue. I learned more about third party APIs and about working with databases.

What's next for The Do Your Goddamn Homework Club

There are many things to do for the club. But I think the most important one right now would be for me to go and do my goddamn homework.

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