When working part-time in a cafe, we noticed that at the end of the work day, all the leftover prepared food(which was completely okay) was simply thrown away in the dustbin! Coming from a country where almost half the population has difficulty getting two square meals, we found the practice really bad. So we set out on a mission to integrate restaurants with the people for whom it could make the difference between life and death. We did some research and were presented some hard-to-believe facts.The most startling fact was that 85% of all the homeless have access to a mobile phone despite having very limited access to food! This made our task of information dissemination really easy!

We have built a web-app where the restaurant posts information when they have extra food. All the people in the subscriber list are immediately notified in real-time through text messaging. They may choose to travel to the place and eat the nutritious food. Also, they can visit the website to see all the current posts where food is available.

We used html/php/python/sql database to create the web app. HTML5/CSS3 and Bootstrap is used for the front-end. The database of the posts is maintained in a MySQL database. It is dynamically updated on the website with php. A python script is executed to notify the subscriber list members in real-time.

There were quite a few challenges on the way. As this was our first hackathon, there were times when we were stuck technically, with seemingly no way out. At one point it became so strenuous, we thought of abandoning the project. We actually managed to set up our databases around 6pm yesterday and we had done nothing before that.

After working on the project we realized that its scope is immense and there is a long way to go. Apart from having a terrible UI which we will obviously work on improving, the other stuff that we will be working on in this project is integrating API's for locations, adding the functionality to add images and adding the functionality for restaurants to login and signup to verify their credentials. We are really excited to work on this project in the future despite what happens here.

We had almost no prior knowledge for the project. Everything was learned on-the-go. But most importantly, we learnt how to work cohesively in a team!

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