Our world is suffering from Covid-19. Many people on our globe are isolated or in need of help urgently, but have no one who can help them. Maybe a medical condition forces them to stay inside during the crisis and they need someone to help pick up groceries. Or perhaps they need help with using a computer. Or even just want to talk to somebody.

There are not only individuals who are struggling to survive, small and local businesses have to lockdown. Minimum sales are generated. Businesses go bankrupt. Many employees lose their jobs. Hospitals are filled, and healthcare are under enormous pressure. There is a hunt for caregivers to keep people alive and help them survive. Universities and students of all ages including children are stuggeling.

There are hundreds of thousands of volunteers, businesses, municipalitites and institutions who want to help but do not know - and have no quick way of knowing, where help is needed. Those willing to help do not easily find opportunities, especially in times of social distancing, it is hard to know who could need your help, and also to recognize how valuable your skills can be.

By bringing all personas together in a social impact platform, it is possible to target community segments to improve wellbeing and good health for all ages.

The digital volunteer platform is social inclusive. Here individuals, businesses, governments, and universities can join to help eachother rise. This webapp supports sustainable and inclusive cities and reduces inequalitites. Good health and well-being for all at all ages, decent work and economic growth. It promotes peace, justice and strong institutions. Also it supports partnerships for the SDG 2030 goals.

Everyone's lives matter!

Save communitites - save lives!

Our solution aims to automate mobilisation of community, solidarity and collaboration, accellerate SDG 2030, and provide direct insight into the needs of the community, and fulfil those needs.

Functionality and platform

This pandemic requires extraordinary innovations for humanity. We cannot rely on our old structures. We need to help each other everywhere or this will take a very very long time to re-build!

We are building the idea using open source, and focusing on security and scalability so the application to be used anywhere and by anyone.

Universal functionalities are: 1) enter a need by non-smartphone or smartphone with internet 2) the individual identity holder controls their own credentials and personal data (blockchain) 3) bad use is filtered with AI 4) there is no manual matching done, matching is done by AI 5) there is a wallet functionality to pay (blockchain) 6) there is a possibility to sign contracts (blockchain) 7) all users get ranked and there is a volunteer leaderboard

When you registers to this webapp you can see where a need/help is located on a GoogleMap. The pins showing on the map have been filtered according to the data you have entered yourself. The webapp's AI NLP matches anyone within a community radius - on our whole planet! You can only see pins nearby the location you are at.

Examples to use this platform for:

  1. Use this platform to stop the spreading of covid-19 and save lives
  2. Deliver necessary pharmaceuticals to the risk groups
  3. Deliver medical equipment to local hospitals
  4. Quick and efficient job matching for businesses and governments - see supply and demand
  5. Ensure safety and minimise physical contact
  6. Basics providing for those with no financial possibilities
  7. Find solutions for those in domestic conflicts distress
  8. Locating vulnerable population communities and help them
  9. Psychological distress relief
  10. Help the local farmers with their needs
  11. Help to optimise the hospital by volunteering to help
  12. Assist others with lack of access to technology and IT literacy
  13. Reach the digitally excluded such as the children, elderly, poor, people seeking refuge and who are homeless
  14. Assisting parents in teachers’ role online
  15. Create community between children
  16. Ensuring access to warm meals for children from disadvantaged families
  17. Mitigate fake news spreading by reaching a segment of volunteers reporting links

Regarding privacy and security. Trust in this app is of highest priority to protect humanity and our planet with a secure service. Registration where all parties identify with blockchain as well as adher to GDPR laws and other regulations is required to use the service. AI algorithms are applied to suspend bad use.

This service is data driven AI does the matching depending on what data the users enter themselves. The matching is done by AI algorithms so no human administration bottlenecks are stopping delivery speed. Need and availability is matched momentoaneiously!

The most suitable volunteer is matched with a need - by a pin showing in Google Maps. During Covid-19 the matching algorithm will be geographically restricted due to travel restrictions, to the community where both parties are in real-time. When the travel retrictions are lifted, the webapp can we used cross borders.

How we built it

Public Permissioned Blockchain Sovrin/Quilt/Hyperledger INDY, Node.js and React Native, RedHat OpenShift, Docker containers, Kubernetes, GoogleMaps, Speech-to-text, Watson AI, Dialogflow

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The base for the idea came 4th of 534 submissions in Hack the Crisis in Sweden, and can be seen here:

Proud winner of COVIDathon - Decentralized AI Hackathon.

What's next for The Digital Volunteer

Some of the next steps we have foreseen:

User research:

  • Further distribution and analysis of results from a questionnaire
  • Additional user interviews
  • Additional stakeholder feedback

Design & building MVP

  • Update of user stories based on user research
  • Refinement of overall architecture
  • MVP definition & start of development

Partnerships & Communities

  • Identify possible partners and communities that would be willing to trial the solution, or want to help us with further development
  • See how we can partner with private and public sector networks, cities and community organisers

The Digital Volunteer team has participated in EUvsVirus Matchathon and has access to private and public partners as well as academic institutions spread across Europe and the world. As soon as the MVP is completed we will target these partners and ask for support within their channels.

We collaborate with The Commonwealth Centre for Connected Learning (3CL) which is "a knowledge hub for a global network of groups, agencies, institutions, educators and activists interested in the rapid deployment of programmes for connected learning in the Commonwealth and the EU. The Centre is an international foundation set up by the Government of Malta in collaboration with the Commonwealth of Learning."
Alex Grech - Executive Director, Commonwealth Centre for Connected Learning.


  • Build strategic partnerships with solidarity networks, cities and community organisers
  • Pilot application in a local community, city or event
  • Evaluate impact & lessons learned

Go to market

  • Full app development incl. pilot insights
  • Implementation in a larger community

How you can get involved

We ask for a willingness to bear costs on behalf of others towards achieving the common good. Every form of involvement is highly welcome, whether you just want to give quick feedback, guide or advise our progress, become a partner, or become a part of the team. Just send us a message, and we will include you in the conversation!

If you want to donate to our cause, our Blockchain Etherum account is: 0x1B754baCa7D2315a4e14282611830E506C6187B3
(Use fex Metamax Chrome plugin extension to create a wallet on the Etherum network.) Many thanks!

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