The key to weight loss is good nutrition and the key to good nutrition is education. Many newer diet plans educate the reader about dieting and good nutrition, but come across as overly scientific and lack a true system for following the plan. The Diet Denominator consists of a unique, easy-to-use food evaluation tool that will help you select foods that are energy lean (i.e. contain fewer calories per gram), and are generally more nutrient dense. As a result, you will fill up on fewer calories, select smarter foods that you still enjoy, and fell less hungry. The tool is based on volumetrics, a well-tested and proven theory. Volumetric diet plans require knowledgeable food choices that are energy lean, many of which make you feel full and thus help you to eat less. The tool is easy for anyone to apply at home, at the grocery store, and even at fast-food restaurants and teaches the user about the benefits and advantages of selecting energy lean (nutrient dense) foods to live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

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