When talking to journalism experts we noticed that there is a trend in interests for voice automated software. As a result we came up with our product called "the dictator".

What it does

In a simple and natural way it allows anyone to take notes with their voice wherever they are and have them display in real time on their virtual note board.

How we built it

In order to develop an amazon alexa skills we worked with the Lambda function on aws in node.js. On the backend we are using Firebase to handle real time changes while the web application is written in React.

Challenges I ran into

As all of our team had zero experience with developing an alexa skills we had quite a bit of issues throughout our development process. One of our first speed bumps was linking Firebase with the Lambda environment. Another issue we ran into was making sure that our interaction with the database would be efficient enough so we would not get a time out error. Another issue was being able to retrieve data from the database in an efficient enough way for the Amazon environment not to throw errors at us. The only factor that made this project very challenging was the lack of documentation for what our environment.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Despite all of the issues we ran into we are able to demo a functional app where you can add projects and notes and see them being created in front of your eyes.

What we learned

We learned how to use the AWS environment for developing alexa skills. Furthermore, we learned how to integrate different technologies with each other with little or no documentation.

What's next for the dictator

We would like to implement more voice commands such as 'update project with more notes' and 'delete notes/project'. In the future we would like to add some machine learning algorithm that reads your data and provides you with articles related to the topi you are brain storming.

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