The Comic Sans is Awesome Group, a team of three freshmen, two programmers who didn't know any Javascript and a morale support, managed to learn syntax and usage of Javascript and SVG to create a working application to sketch a traffic accident. Just as Dogecoin is the future of cryptocurrency, doge is the future of accident sketching.

The key to our tool is simplicity. Officers in the field don't have time or the need for fancy graphics. DOGE lets them map out the accident scene while the simple UI allows them to focus on making sure they have every necessary detail.

To use, visit and simply click one of the buttons to the right. If drawing a line, click on two points to draw a line between them. If drawing other objects, click on a point, and the object will appear in the space in the bottom-right corner. To change to drawing a different object, click on another button. Click on one of the points in the circle to approximate North.

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