As college students, we want to have a good time at a good price. When we want to go on a getaway on spring break to Rocky Point or Miami, often times we're on a tight budget. Because it is so tough to find cheap, packaged bundles for travel deals, we decided to build a search engine based on our personal preferences that would find ourselves a destination that suits our needs.

What it does

The Destinator is a basica webapp that can be used on many platforms and browsers. To obtain potential dream destinations the user must answer 3 simple questions

  1. The Amount of People Traveling
  2. The Group's Total Budget
  3. The Duration of the Trip

Once that is all completed, the Priceline API will search through their database and we will be able to display the user the destinations that fall underneath their preferences.
Users will be shown their destination(hotel), hotel rating, price, and dates. The information given will be displayed on cards that the users can select if they like or dislike (tinder-style). If the users swipes left, the user will be shown another destination. If the user swipes right, they will be matched with the destination and be sent to a page where they can pay for their entire trip.

How We built it

At first we attempted to create a mobile application. We looked into utilizing swift to create an iOS app, however after much contemplation we believed that the best way to utilize this service would be through a web browser. We believed this to be optimal because, then anyone from anywhere can access the simple link and be able to find their dream destination.

The process was a relatively fun, but challenging task. We had to interpret Priceline's API and figure out how we would be able to obtain all the given data and display it to our users.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges that we ran into was developing the iOS app. At first we put a few hours into figuring out how to make a similar tinder clone, but with options for personal preferences. After much consideration we switched to a webapp instead -- to make it easier for both the user and us (the developers). A lot of the other small challenges were simple bugs that we would encounter and fix along the way.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

With two of our members being first time hackers and two of the other as veteran hackers, it was a great experience for everyone. We would work together to find our strengths and weaknesses and cooperate in order to produce the final product.

What's next for The Destinator

We want to implement more APIs or a system to split payments. We believe that it would amazing if we could send a link (similar to let's say kickstarter) and see the progress as to how far everyone is in the group towards funding their getaways. We also believe that we should be able to develop mobile apps in the future to those that would prefer an app of their phones for notifications on hot deals.

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