Inspiration: Amid mass confusion during the lockdown in India. Facebook and Whatsapp were flooded with queries regarding basic resources available. It gave me the inspiration to develop an interface where people can maintain social distancing and follow all the protocols and thereby ordering things needed at fingertips.

What it does: A Citizen Places the Order on Web Interface, Order gets displayed in our Dashboard, Volunteers are informed, Procurement of Orders and Safe Delivery of Orders at Society Gate. A contactless delivery. Special Section is dedicated to Elderly Care & Doctors. A special section for Pets is also implemented.

How I built it: I built it using the WordPress technology. This project was created with a record time of 15 Hours.

Challenges I ran into: Doing it all alone, the work could have been allocated to different teams.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: This project was created with a record time of 15 hours after the market research and votes were collected to ascertain the need. Fastest Interface Implementation was done overnight.

What I learned: Doing everything alone will take huge time, more the number of people the more functionalities and ideas can be implemented to make a powerful platform.

What's next for The Delivery Project: Getting proper resources and Funds, Recruiting Experts, Expansion of the functionalities, awareness at a global level. Future updates can be pushed seamlessly. Updates can also include police, doctors and traffic assistance and news/notices. Ability to develop and manage multi-platform, omnichannel. Can be implemented on iOS and Android Platform.

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