Listening to Alexa we started to think about her potential and tried to come up with a problem for her to solve. We thought back to a couple of years ago for us when we were trying to decide what degree to apply to at University. This proved to be a very difficult choice, as it is for many, and we thought Alexa might be able to help people with that choice in the future.

What it does

The Degree Finder asks you a set of questions and tries to understand what you enjoy and your personality. Through these inferences Alexa suggests a degree she thinks will be right for you!

How we built it

We used a "decision-tree" template to begin to understand how Alexa worked and built from it a small program in javascript that has a total of 16 different Degrees at the end of it.

Challenges we ran into

Understanding Alexa was our biggest challenge. We tried a few different ideas and simply could not get her to do what we wanted. Once we finally got an example program working we found an idea that we could adapt to that program and worked from there.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to solve our problems that had us stuck for around 6 hours and create a working program, even a simple one, that actually runs on Alexa. We are also very proud of our idea because we think it could be something that could make an impact with future students if developed further.

What we learned

This was our first hackathon so we learned what is fully involved in one and how much fun it can be. We also learned a bit of javascript from messing around with the code and how to deal with problems in a stressful situation.

What's next for The Degree Finder

If it could be expanded to over many more degrees and ask many more specific questions we believe it could go on to help future students make their decision an easier one in the future.

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