With the evolution of technology in the field of education, many accessible education

materials are available that students can understand easily and even enjoy. But we saw a niche for education on the topic of bioinformatics. There ain't enough resources that are easy to understand. We wanted to create something that could be educational and easy to understand, while also introductory to the field of bioinformatics. So we had prepared this project which might be helpful for students.

What it does

Our website 'The Dayhoffs' has various pages containing various information regarding

bioinformatics in an interactive way. Some of the pages are-

1) Amino Acid Coding

In this page, we have included two parts. In first part, a user can input their own 3-base codon sequence and simulate the way a tRNA arranges bases. When any of the inputted codons are recognized by the code, more information on that codon will appear, and a link is given for more information. Second part describes how DNA polymerase fixes mutations and allows the user to interact with a set of two DNA strands, and try to find the mutation in the copied strand. The user can click on the mutation for a link to appear that leads them to more information on mutations in general.

2) DNA flip

DNA flip is a page for quickly obtaining the reverse, complement, or reverse complement of a DNA or RNA sequence.

3) Genetic disorders

This page provides information regarding various genetic disorders.

4) EchoAR

This page contains certain AR models and a data visualizer regarding DNA.

How we built it

The web page was designed with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

All of us were from different streams. We barely had any idea about bioinformatics. It took

quite long time to collect all the information.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really glad we could complete our project and submit it in due time.

What we learnt

We being in a completely different discipline, did learn a lot about bioinformatics through this hackathon

What's next for The Dayhoffs

We hope to learn a lot more about bioinformatics and give our inputs to this project.

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