I have been trying on Game Development for a few months now. Sketching the 2D pixel art, programming the game and scenes, Pheww! On sides, I have been looking to amplify the visibility and capability of my game with some new tech and this is when I came to know about Solana's Hackathon in August.

Thus, I decided that my new game is gonna include NFT's and stuff to amuse the audience we can have! :)

What it does

My project is a Game. A 2D platformer game, something like Castlevania, However I won't go that far since the Graphics do need an appropriate artistic touch to appeal people out there. The Game is going to integrate Solana Blockchain for NFT to be assigned to game assets with the help of Stardust and wallet capabilities of Phantom.

How we built it

The game is built using GODOT Game Engine while the inner programming is written using GDScript and purchasing capabilities are planned to be integrated using Phantom and NFT's to be powered by Solana blockchain.

What's next for The Dark Master

A lot of things. New and interesting levels with some serious stuff regarding improving the pixel art for the game. Also, a plan to extend the use of Solana in game assets by including new game characters and character assets that are worthy to be assigned as NFT's.

Hope you will like the project and any comments or reviews are always welcome. Thank You!

Built With

  • godot
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