What it does

This is a small taste-test of a game with potential to grow. You are a victim trapped within a room inside Rettner Hall and must solve puzzles to escape. The puzzles have a computer science flavour to them, giving computer science students an edge when playing.

How we built it

Unreal Engine was used for assembly, 3DSMax and Photoshop for asset creation, and Wolfram Technologies for the custom converters.

Challenges we ran into

Trying to compress 1GB of data into the 35MB limit as we were told during the last 15 minutes. Also incorporating websites into our project and getting responses from the website reviewers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning the wolfram language mathmatica and creating a full scene within Unreal Engine.

What we learned

How to use mathmatica, some html, and to work together.

What's next for The Dandy Hacker

Hopefully a larger team with a more innovative goal.

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