Inspiration : I am always fascinated with fictional characters. I have tried to put one of them in my Instagram filter .

What it does : As the back camera is opened it displays the 3D model of character Shrek . You can adjust the size and the position of Shrek accordingly. Now if you bring face in front of your back camera ,it displays the panel on your head saying " Shrek v/s ? " , You have to tap and hold record button to start . I will randomly show different characters and will stop on one of these characters ,then you have to gve a dance face off to our beloved Shrek acting and dancing like the character chosen for you.

How I built it : It is built using Spark AR and Patches.

Challenges I ran into : I was unable to adjust the 3D model and make the interactions but I was able to complete it on time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of : I have completed it within time and challenged myself to try something different from my domain.

What I learned : How to use Spark AR and Patches

What's next for The Dance Face off : I will add scores and crowns for the winner of dance face off.

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