So, we wanted to build a game site that was easy to learn so that players don’t even need to make characters, read the rules or anything. any age group can play with fun and enjoy!

What it does

Its a minigame based site, where user has to roll a dice and based on the random outcome of 1-6, it then chooses a game and plays it!

How we built it

As a team we built it by first splitting the tasks into smaller chunks that can be done with ease and later stitch it together to make it work!

Challenges we ran into

Different time zones makes the whole team work slightly complicated as well as pairing up and linking references in javascript and html, as well as the design of the site and the complexity of JavaScript editing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

building a game that works as well as making the cool minigames that you can play with fun

What we learned

We learned about scope for projects, different web technologies, managing time, applying different codes, and game design.

What's next for THE D&D Game Galaxy

To build better applications and even cooler games!

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