Lots of us have a single go-to news source. We know that it is important to get our information from multiple viewpoints, but going about finding them can be frustrating or intimidating. We created The Curator to help solve this issue.

What it does

The Curator is a Chrome extension that automatically suggests news articles from all over the web relating to whatever topic you are researching. Now it is easier than ever to diversify your news diet!

How we built it

The meat of our project consists of two API calls. First, we scrape the website for the article title and details. Then, we use the ParallelDots Natural Language Processing API to extract keywords. We then take a select few of those keywords and query the NewsAPI, and filter those results by relevancy.

Challenges we ran into

Neither of us really knew how to use Javascript or call API's.The combination of the two gave us the most trouble.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Actually finishing the project!

What we learned

We had done very little Javascript, working with API calls, or Chrome extensions, so basically everything we did was new.

What's next for The Curator

We have lots of ideas for next steps. Currently our interface is a bit simple, but we could work on enhancing the experience by pulling in an image from the article links as well as a little blurb so that the user can get an idea of what the articles are about before clicking the links. We could also filter the sources of our results and intentionally display results that have different known biases than the original source. We considered adding an indicator about the political leanings of the source when results are displayed.

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