We released the crown report this morning November 20th at 7:45 a.m. PST and it’s already been retweeted by the social media manager at LinkedIn, Eloqua, Dreamforce and 15+ other times from major influencers in the sales industry (pictures attached).

We have built something that is already going viral in the enterprise, which is very hard to do.

The Crown Report is a "market place for sales reps and their egos.” A deal-closing sales rep from any company that uses Salesforce.com can signup at www.thecrownreport.com and in seconds find out key statistics on their individual sales performance such as:

  • average deal size
  • average time it takes the rep to close a deal
  • win-ratio and much more.

However, what’s never been done before is the comparison of sales rep performance vs. sales rep performance at other companies. For example, a sales rep at Marketo can now see how they compare to the community of sales reps who have signed up for The Crown Report which includes reps from Salesforce and Eloqua.

This is the first truly “social” app that’s hit the enterprise — before this, everything has been in CRM silos. Not anymore.

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