Nathan R#8032 and MongoDB Atlas used.

We used a UiPath workflow to extract internship status for Employment data exported in a file format to send to our database, and also to check Recent News for each company in our list, and check relevant articles to COVID, and save them to a file for sentiment analysis


Many companies are doing amazing things to help during the COVID crisis. This includes donating masks, housing, and giving grants to those in need. Meanwhile, other companies are enacting policies detrimental to their employees. These actions are important, and should be cataloged, both the good and the bad, so in future times people will know which companies stepped up.

What it does

The COVID Response aggregates hundreds of news stories into a single place and runs semantic analysis on the content to determine an overall trend. This overall trend can lean positive or negative, and through dozens of articles it will calculate a “score” to rank the companies action during the crisis.

How WE built it

This was a team effort all around. With so many moving pieces, every member needed to be an active part of the process. We have a backend written in Python that scrapes the news articles, another Backend in Node that hosts the webserver, and a frontend in Vue that displays the dashboard. We started with a figma design and through many implementations and team meetings we reached a final result.

Challenges I ran into

Being a remote hackathon, not being in-front of my teammates definitely made it harder to collaborate to the extent of which I had hoped. Nevertheless, through GroupMe, Discord, Zoom, and Slack we as a team overcame this challenge and worked hard to boost our overall collaboration effectiveness.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We finished! That being said, there is FAR FAR more stuff to be done. Our team has agreed that this is something we wish to pursue in the future and we can always be adding more stuff. (MORE below)

What I learned

How to be flexible when faced with unexpected challenges. This remote environment is new to most of the team members, and finding a way to use resources to boost productivity was an important learning experience.

What's next for The COVID Reponse

We are determined to build this project through. We plan on entering HackQuarantine afterwards, and hopefully through the next few weeks build an even better and more accurate website. Because of the data science tools we used, data is critical, and the more time we spend collecting data sets and building features, the more useful our website will become.

Thanks for viewing our project. - Development server (WORKING and LIVE) -

Any advice is appreciated, as we hope to build on this project.

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