It was the one place you can relieve all your stress through the week.

It was one of your few healthy hobbies

You needed it to keep you in shape and your confidence

Without it you’ve just been lazier, out of routine, and overall mentally worse.

It sucks because you want to be productive and accomplish something with your day, but you don’t have access to weights, which is what you usually exercise with...

And as a result you get annoyed because you feel the work you do or do not do is a direct reflection of yourself.

Look we get it.

It’s not your fault and there are so many people like you.

Trust me I’m not a mind reader.

I’ve asked so many different people what sucks the most about the Corona Virus situation and they’ve all said the same thing. (Just look at the screenshots of text messages in our demo video)

My team and I realized so many people had this problem so we decided to build the “Corona Virus Fitness Challenge App”.

To be clear we’re not fitness experts.

Nor are we professional coders...

None of us can do a 1 arm push-up...

And we learned Xcode, Swift, and App-Building literally a day before the Hackathon.

However, we knew this was a huge problem that needed an answer so we built the Corona Virus Fitness Challenge app using Apple's Xcode IDE, Swift for the backend, and Xcode's Storyboard feature for the front end.

We have 4 workouts to choose from: beginners, intermediate, advanced, and cardio.

All you have to do is simply signup in the homepage.

Then the app will ask you a couple questions to give u a recommendation of which workout go choose.

If you have any questions we have a discussion forum where you can post and answer questions.

You can say creating an app after learning Xcode and Swift just a day before had its challenges...

-Getting Xcode to work on non-apple computers was very challenging and time-consuming.

-We were totally new to the language and interface.

-Git issues merging changes were a headaches.

-The distance from group mates made it tougher to collaborate.

-Technical difficulties with Wei's Mac provider...

-And general Apple inconveniences on non-Apple computers made us want to smash our laptops on the floor.

However through all the pains of the Xcode learning curve, we ended up creating a relatively decent looking UI for the survey, and smooth transitioning between stages of the app.

With both our smiles and angry faces creating this app, and through the general new experience we learned:


-Deploying an iOS application

-Some of the nuances of UI

-And the importance of Teamwork/Communication (very cheesy I know)

Oh and we're not done... We aim to:

-Potentially expand the app by completing the algorithm to formulate a workout plan for each individual

-Fully integrate the discussion board with people being able to post and answer questions

-Build a login system for analysis...

-And market the fitness challenge to real life gym-rats

Look we’re not making any promises that this is a life changing app...

But we have 100% conviction that this app has the potential to help others.

If you have read this far... I want to congratulate on such an accomplishment, and I hope you continue to stay safe!

-Renzo, Yaseen, Aldrick, and Wei

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