The Convo Space

The Decentralized Conversation Layer of Internet

Convo offers all the Tooling and Infrastructure to build Social Platforms that are composable across the web, powered by Web3.

  • Continuity through Composability : Convo can be used as a singular layer to manage your conversations throughout the Internet, can be used to build upon and integrated into any application with Convo's API.
  • Own your Data, Always : All your Conversational Data generated on Convo is always in your control and linked to your Decentralized Identity, no other application can modify it without your approval.
  • Simple-to-use API, Built on Web3 : The Convo Space is intended to be fully decentralized, utilizing Textile's ThreadDB built on IPFS and Libp2p for Storage ensuring that your data lives independent of the interface.

What it does

A Singular platform to manage everything Conversations along with the benefits of Web3 like being able to erase all your data from every website integrated with Convo in a single click and many more.

Here are some of the use cases that Convo enables,

  • Add a conversation layer to your platform to allow the community to interact, without worrying about the Complexities of Web3.
  • Composable conversations across multiple interfaces. You can anchor one or many conversations to an NFT so that whichever Marketplace/Platform that NFT is viewed on the Community around that NFT can move along with it.
  • Commenting on a specific transaction on Etherscan warning users of a malicious account/contract and having those conversations show up in your wallet so that the next time you are sending a txn to that address you can see the entire community warning you against it.
  • Conversations around a Proposal are happening across a multitude of interfaces, with Convo you can build a plugin of Snapshot or any Governance Interface and continue those conversations anywhere.
  • Convo's Identity and Reputation Layer makes it simple to move your Reputation across different interfaces, like a Prominent Artist who has sold multiple pieces can join a DAO and automatically unlock perks based on their sales and other on-chain activity.
  • and many more...

How we built it

Convo stands on the shoulder of Giants like IPFS, Textile, Ceramic, Decentraland and many others. Flowt

Challenges we ran into

Making decentralized tech fast.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

~500 Visits every day ~80,000 API hits every day 3 Platforms live 6+ in the works 15+ Integrations Simplified

What we learned

A Ton about how to Scale IPFS and other decentralized technologies.

What's next for The Convo Space

Expanding operations on every front, primarily looking to onboard more platforms and developers into the ecosystem.

Built With

  • ceramic
  • filecoin
  • ipfs
  • polygon
  • textile
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