What it does

Our approach broadens knowco's concept and business case. While knowco's website connects professionals, start up founders and academic personnel with each other, our App matches their problems to solutions. Imagine not being versatile in using e-learning platforms, but having to teach a class online due to Corona next semester. No worries, just pick up your phone and search our App for solutions and swipe them left and right to your liking. Our app proposes the right online education tool that matches your needs as well as current research to help you make the most of your digital teaching journey this semester.

How we built it

We built a database for papers dealing with pros and cons of online learning and how to improve the digital education experience. This database feeds our application with the information needed to find the right paper for the right problem by using key words linked to the papers and learning tools. The authors of the papers can be added to the knowco-collaboratewith website in a further step of development.

Challenges we ran into

Linking multiple DataFrames and embedding the answers live to create our weighted list of possible tools was a bit of a hassle.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Although we have different backgrounds and skills (from complete beginner to developer pro) everyone could contribute and learned something new.

What's next for The Contamination Collaboration

Linking professionals in online education and e-learning academia and industry on the knowco_collabwith plattform and implementing our App there.

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