Consumption without consciousness cripples our sensibility. Fast fashion and unsustainable buying/manufacturing practices strain both the natural and socioeconomic environments. Through forgetfulness and the irresistible allure of purchasing item after item, consumers ignore responsibility of what is really important. Accountability to ourselves - and by extension our wallets - and to Our Future raise human awareness beyond the daily grind.

What it does

User interaction to input purchases/relevant information into a digital catalog, with simple browse and search abilities. Track and toggle frequency of wear, cost/wear worth, statistics, and other relevant info in a dynamic little window. Able to import/export data from your virtual closet into a companion file, so you can keep your clothes wear after wear!

How we built it

Python OOP in combination with tkinter GUI.

Challenges we ran into

Merging everything together into one functional unit when different people tackled different aspects. Time/feasibility cancelled most of our loftier visions. Wanted to include more functions, data analysis/tracking, maybe even Google recognition to create a smart system to recognize and tag images, visual representation, etc. but figured it wouldn't be achievable at the moment.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

sticking through

What's next for The Conscious Closet (TM)

Tackling some of the ideas found in the challenge section.

Built With

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