A dear friend made some claims that philosophy was the search for truth. So I looked into it. I found out that, when assessing truth in a philosophy, we mainly look to see if there is some degree of logical consistency within the concepts that are presents. Are the concepts within a big idea consistent among themselves? If there's no way to knock the theories down based on inconsistency, then idealistic people soon say that the big idea applies to the world. What we've called truth has little to do with getting ahead as a society. We see confused ideas in economic theories, our thoughts about money, and how to invest in society. On the stock exchange we're often looking at market sentiment when ultimately the lives and prosperity of billions of people are at stake.

We need to know how to test a theory, to see if it fits in with reality, not whether everything we read about a theory relates back to some core concepts. People continue to gamble with stocks, and economies crash, because there was logical consistency in the ideas.

When you think about it, for millennia, people have been running around in circles and then arguing, or yelling abuse at other people who are doing similar things in other circles. Only checking for logical consistency has meant lifetimes of effort has been applied in confused ways.

Writing over the years has meant I've accumulated lots of ideas that are filed all over the place - in different draft emails, documents, and piles of paper around my apartment. The clutter seems bothersome and self-defeating.

Robots that do housework are great, but what's going to clean up the concepts on all my computational devices? Where are the Advanced Intelligence suites of dapps to clean up our thinking and bring about world peace?

What it does

What will be neat about this suite is the later dapps that bring our varied concepts into alignment with realistic core concepts that may not be part of our present thinking, paradigm, philosophy, or truth. My research has shown that fitting in with reality is about the advanced concept of the Self or Logos, and social factors that have an effect on our behaviour.

What could encourage me to talk into voice recognition software, or some 'Assistant', is the promise that I will see all my pieces of paper profitably digitized and sent to a dapp that makes them beautifully reformulated after parsing by AI.

Parsing combined with self-referencing not only cuts down on information overload, it becomes profitable by rendering much of our digitized content readily available to be applied within other use cases.

How I built it

I studied the concept of the Self or Logos. This consists of pre-existing patterns within organization as studied in inorganic chemistry, and beautifully reformulated as rows and columns in the periodic table. Chemistry is the study of the simplest self-organizing systems. The pattern within the table gave me huge insights into how to clean up business documents. And once libraries of documents become both logically consistent and self-referencing, that will begin a major new chapter for humanity.

We'll be able to apply to concepts whatever we know about self-sustaining systems. Then, by delegating what AI does well, we'll be able to go further and persue use cases that are more complex than we're able to process within the limits of our current understanding.

Challenges I ran into Although I've written about getting the patterns of consciousness into machines - wetware - since the early 1990's, I don't know how to code and know a limited amount about Artificial Intelligence. However I'm encouraged that patterns found within consciousness seen to apply to the situations I'm coming across with applications of technology.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Self-awareness is key to generating whole suites of realistic dapps, or rea-dapps. A model of self-organization based on the periodic table in inorganic chemistry is science-based - so I'm able to talk about consciousness in broadrooms without people getting uncomfortable.

What I learned

Many well informed chemists will likely tell you, "There's nothing much left to discover in inorganic chemistry. There have been very few new research grants since the late 1980's. It's got nowhere else to go. It's now the only branch of science to have matured." However, I'm delighted to say that, when you see the periodic table as a formalization of developments in consciousness, then inorganic chemistry can be seen as bringing peace and prosperity. The fun and joy that will come from technology is still in the works.

The same Self, pattern, framework, or archetype that's organizing atoms, molecules, and eventually each one of us, can be used to organize our idea into philosophies, paradigms or worldviews. And because our minds are inconsistent, this suite of dapps might allow unifying philosophies to emerge. Integrating the content into the pattern of this one Self, say, using AGI, will clarify our writing and organize our thoughts into a few, inclusive, living philosophies. We'll be able to read what we've had in our minds.

We don't want to have a mono-culture within our thinking as this could bring intellectual weakness and even fragility. Our philosophies for society need to vary based on location of each society. The right dapps, platforms and hardware configurations will integrate major theses from around the world.

We'll be moving towards an economy of conscious evolution based on understanding the Self which provides society with an evolutionary arc. As we begin to learn how to do things with Evolutionary Competency, then we will gaining knowledge about what and how to delegate processes for AGI to clean up our thoughts.

What's next for The Cleaners - Suite of dapps for World Peace

To begin to understand the significance of The Cleaners more deeply, check out the outline of the Museum for Inventing our Future on this IEPCO website: Then we apply what we've read about inventions to our our under-used concepts, or pieces of writing.

Think of how great it will be to no longer walk around with dirty minds. Our realistic ideas will spill outwards, unrestrained, into the real world. These ideas will start to benefit conditions in the ecology, and bring a lasting prosperity to society.

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