A majority of the population does not consider the long term effects of living without considering sustainability. This game was created to be an interactive lesson to pinpoint certain moments in daily life that a person could consider being more sustainable to help prevent the increasingly rapid depletion of resources.

What it does

The game is an interactive survival game that educates the user about sustainability. Once the user tells Alexa to start the game, Alexa will set up the plot. The user wakes up on an island surrounded by the ocean with no way off, so they must find a way to live sustainably on the island for as long as possible through regrowing food sources and other resources.

How we built it

We used Skill Flow Builder Editor to create, edit, and preview content for our Alexa Skill.

Challenges we ran into

While we were able to create the plot and logic jumps in the Skill Flow Builder Editor, unfortunately, we did not have enough time to fully implement the game into AWS and actually have Alexa run through the game.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of finishing a story line and have a fully functional demo through the Skill Flow Builder. We had restarted our project idea about 12 hours into the hackathon so so we are proud of being able to have one version of a complete build, even if it was not in Alexa's software.

What we learned

We learned how to design an Amazon Alexa game for the first time. This is the first time any of us has worked with implementing anything into Amazon Alexa, so we learned about about the many logic paths a game can take. We also realized the extensive amount of things a person could say in response to Alexa and how AI programmers have to consider the most common responses and get Alexa to react correctly and helpfully.

What's next for The Choices We Make

Since we did not have the time to learn Javascript fully and completely implement the game into Alexa's software, we would love to continue and transfer the fully functional build on Skill Flow Builder in AWS to the Alexa Developer Console, as well as publish it.

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