Hi, just in time.. I just discover this challenge on the last sunday (during research about canvas client side graph for a new web app i'm currently develop). I checked my bookmark, and finally, became a new challenger :).

I'll update this description, but quickly: I need to test some of the different lib found on the web, and this challenge permit me to explore Chartjs core. So i was focused on experiement to know if we can use it as we want later, and yes we can !

Design and cross browser compatilibity wasn't not my priority at the moment, so i just test and add feature. (not enougth time after work to present a complete & pixel perfect dashboard, so sorry).

Datas come from Redis through Laravel4 app (preformated/cached json files, Illuminate\Eloquent object), and mixe real data and testing data recorded on the beta database of the project. (api currently not online, and github pages don't allow other writing files method other than git :/ ).

For end, i'm aware about a lot of bug or restriction, but this dashboard help me for testing / working (sketch) and display time !

It was fun, end a very good way to read en understand all the 1424 lines of the core, and hope (after killing some tricky things in my "feature") contribute with external plugins, or better pull request.

So, thanks for this tool, feel free to comment and "git" it.


(close to forget, some part include @regaddi features, thanks to him : https://github.com/Regaddi/Chart.js/tree/tooltips)

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