There were several sources of information. First off, I had a lot of cool photos of various cats I have had over the years, and wanted to make use of them. Second of all, am working with a not-for-profit concerned with the well-being of animals called IDEA.

"The Institute for the Development of Earth Awareness, is a nonprofit think tank and educational organization working at the intersection of human, animal and environmental issues.

IDEA addresses the causes rather than the symptoms of the problems currently facing the earth and its inhabitants. IDEA’s mission is to help our society reestablish a harmonious relationship with the natural world. To accomplish this, we endeavor to help people understand the cultural, behavioral, and spiritual roots of our relationship with animals and nature. We provide in-depth information about how to live and work with the earth instead of in opposition to it. We strive to further an awareness of the inexorable link between humans and the environment. IDEA believes this integrated approach to education is essential to helping us understand the complexity of our world, so that we may learn to live in unity with the planet and each other."

That inspiration was huge. Elements of this project might end up in theirs! And then I thought I would use the interaction with felines that would be a representation of the way humans interact with each other.

What it does

Depending on what a user does in the window, he/she will be met with a "reaction" to their actions. We are trying to emulate the interaction between humans and felines with dynamic interactivity and audio-visual representation.

How I built it

Still building it, but because of the original reason for building it in the first place, I'm using bootstrap as the framework, along with the task runner grunt.js, sass (my own custom set up), various JS libraries, JS, jQuery, git, npm/node.js, html5, and css3!

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I installed background music that fit my Cat Whisperer theme and stories I want others to be inspired to tell using basic , , and tags along with document.getElementById document.getElementsByTagName, and the basic Mozilla (text to) speech API (

What I learned

A lot about audio, that Alexa is built with Node.js, JSON, and javascript. And I learned a lot in general about adding sound to my web app.

What's next for The Cat Whisperer

Not sure. But I am hoping to take some elements from here and apply them to the not-for-profit project I am working on now. I'm adding the link to its repo on Github, but I haven't gotten to the point of creating a gh-pages branch yet. I think that will come after the Hack Over Passover hackathon is over if anyone is interested!

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