We made this game to create an AR world effect that give users general knowledge by answering different questions in different domains.

What it does

The Castle Of Knowledge is a simple AR game revolves around being as a player inside a cage above of a pit full with arrows and scorpions, also there is a knight who gives you questions you must answer it correctly to win prizes and in last gain your freedom by getting out of the castle but if your answer is wrong you will fall down.

How we built it

The game was built in Spark AR Studio using javascript to write the game logic and Patch editor to control object animations.

To create and customize the 3D models, We used Blender.

Challenges we ran into

Spark AR does not have the ability to create custom 3D objects also scripting API need more functions (Speech recognition in audio interactions).

Also we found that Facebook disabled Networking module, so we decide to change some game logics because we planed to fetch questions and answers from our servers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Create the game scripting and concept from scratch using Spark AR Studio for the first time that is we are proud of.

What we learned

I learned a lot about creating AR effects In Spark AR Studio.

What's next for The Castle Of Knowledge

Next, we plan to add more complicated questions and made a backend app to store and fetch questions from the internet using Networking API (because now is disabled by Facebook for security reasons) and also update UI of game.

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