This proposal includes one type of solution to the problem of "one person car" and avoid the high level of traffic jam at Mexico City.

The solution that I propose is called "The Car App". It can be used from mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) The way that it works is like the way that Uber works, with the only difference that you wopn't pay before the service and the transport will be colective.

When you enter the app, it will detect your ubication and it will notice you if there's an vailable transport and how free seat does it has. According with many inquest the correct tariff to pay is between 5 and 6 mexican pesos.

The pay will be divided between the passengers individually according to the route that each one took.

The app will be available to work companies and will have routes for the employees.

I think that is very nice that Ford launches this type of campaigns and contests, because wakes up the interest of the people and the worries about environmental and auditive pollution. Everybody we need to put from our part to save our country to continue being one of the most beautiful of the world.

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