The Captain took your ducky! He kidnapped it from its beloved pool and brought it far away to a dry and uncomfortable place. You, a super strong hero who cares a lot about his ducky, start to chase the kidnapper. Your little quack needs water, and you shouldn’t leave a stone unturned. Literally. In worlds of hexagonal platforms, you use your strength and brain to get the water find its way to the rubber ducky’s bathtub. Solve complex puzzles by rotating single hexagonal fields, or use complex mechanisms and gears to shift whole bunches of hexagons. And if nothing’s working, use mechanical tools in the environment to your advantage.

Key Features

  • Unique puzzle game in a hexagonal VR world
  • Crosshairless head tracking controls
  • Cool level transitions optimized for VR, without getting sick
  • No 2D UIs floating around, everything is in 3D
  • No purchased assets, everything is freshly handcrafted especially for this game
  • Many ideas for upcoming levels and mechanisms


Head tracking controls in combination with either the touchpad or a gamepad.

Upcoming levels and mechanics

Later on, when the worlds become more complex, use the power of elements and benefit from their physical strength. Let wind boost windmills at a suitable place or combine water and magma to create upflowing steam. Different elements used in the right order or in combination, lead to new elements or usable effects.

Does a wooden dam prevent you from guiding water to your ducky? Burn it down with the nearby volcano, then let the water find its way.

Does a canyon prevent you from guiding water to your ducky? Direct magma into the stream of water to create steam. Rising steam builds clouds in higher plains, which can cross the canyon and make it rain above your impatient ducky.

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