I'm an RA, so my coworkers and I have been eating at the C4C nearly every day for the last few years. I always hear complaining about how even though there is a lot of food, it becomes bland when it's always prepared in the same way. This inspired me to think about how I could allow people to share their personal secrets in food preparation in the C4C, as everyone has things they like to make for themselves.

What it does

It can currently write to an online database and sort information that the user inputs using an HTML form. Using this data, someone could comprehensively see the other recipes that have been uploaded. It also has a home page with many options to filter searches and look for more specific meal options.

How I built it

I built the website without any template, just simple HTML and CSS. I used plenty of imagery and photoshop, and used JavaScript and JQuery for backend development. I also used Firebase to store the data.

Challenges I ran into

Getting the information from the form to be stored correctly in the database. This was very difficult to do, and ended up taking a huge amount of time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting a functioning backend! I have never done anything besides frontend development before, so this was the first time I had ever tried to store data from a website.

What I learned

I learned a great introduction to JavaScript and JQuery, considering I had never used them before this weekend. As I already said, I've never done any web development besides front end design, so this was a huge leap forward for me.

What's next for The C4C Cookbook

I want to add search functionality and make a catalog using the data that's been submitted. I also was to add more, small functionalities that better the user experience and learn how to have a webpage read data from the server. I'd also like to make it a functioning, responsive website.

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