As a student, I have often had teachers assign writing assignments on extremely broad concepts; anywhere from biometrics to legalizing marijuana or PCBs to Impressionism. We have often needed to sift through many webpages just to get an idea of what lines to think on for the concepts. I decided to build this app to bring together three natural venues of thought we have to take as a foundation to research as well as because I thought it would be interesting to combine three huge APIs into a small application built for analyzing people in the world and what really matters to us!

What it does

This web application takes a search query from the user and passes it on to three APIs; Google Search, Twitter Search, and Bing News. The APIs then return the top search results for (News and Search) and trending tweets for Twitter and this info is displayed on one page allowing users to analyze trends.

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

-Interfacing with the Bing API was quite difficult at firs due to many seemingly arbitrary errors that kept coming up, for a while it was like playing whack-a-mole -Parsing Tweets and info returned from Twitter API

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-I became quite the proficient Googler when it came to debugging or needing help on a new interface -Love love love bootstrap now that I have finally learned to use it -Same with C#^ -I'm proud of the parallax scrolling on my UI and happy it came together.

What I learned

Before this project, I had never worked with APIs, never coded a single line of C#, had no idea what Azure or the Cloud really were, never used jQuery, and had very low expectations of my ability and knowledge in programming. I learned so much in the past 36 hours. I feel like a pro at bootstrap and I really fell in love with the flexibility of it. I was really intimidated by APIs before but now it seems silly I was scared. Learning this much in such a short period of time truly blew my mind.

What's next for The BuzzWord

I would really like to eventually integrate the Facebook API, thus linking another new venue; one of opinions. Through top posts on Facebook we can tell how real people all around the world feel about issues that affect us all. By also adding a sentiment analysis layer in the future, we can gain an even further understanding about "emotional traffic" or the term used to describe when there is a certain anomaly in the emotional quotient and opinions of populations; thus providing for more productive opinion mining.

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