In a sleep deprived state not so long ago, our team came up with a revolutionary idea for a social experiment. One button. Every android phone. The secret to the button is... DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER UNLESS YOU HAVE SIGNED THE NDA Whenever anyone is holding down the button on any phone, the timer progresses. If at any point nobody is holding down their button, the timer resets completely. The timer is shown at the bottom and the high score is at the top. When the app gets popular enough and has a certain number of people concurrently pressing the button, it becomes a dead man switch. After this point, if there is ever a moment where nobody presses the button, the world implodes. Or the app deletes and removes itself from the play store (which it is on RIGHT NOW GO DOWNLOAD IT). Or it buys you a fancy pair of shoes. Or maybe it does nothing. That's the mystery of THE BUTTON.

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