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What it is

Arcade-action survival game set in the spiral of cause and effect.

Not just how many days can you survive, but how many butterflies?!

Adaptive / dynamic gameplay:

  • Stand still, and the game will give you bombs.
  • Move around, and the game will give you a charge-up punch glove which you have to stand still to use.
  • Be aggressive / eliminate all of the enemies, and the game will spawn more powerful enemies.
  • Be passive / collect all of the + symbols, and the game will spawn more static traps e.g. buzzsaws and arrow-firing blocks.
  • Follow specific movement patterns, and the game will take note and trim down the play area.


  • Move: WASD
  • Punch/bomb: Space bar
  • Menu progression: Enter
  • Fullscreen: F
  • You can also use a standard game controller like an Xbox 360 controller, if your browser supports it. Movement on left stick and punch/bomb on A.

How I built it

The Butterfly Effect is built using Force Of Habit's bespoke C++ game engine. The art is made in Photoshop and exported as individual frames. The music is made in Reaper with it's default ReaSynth plugin for sine/saw/tri waves and a few samples put in to ReaSamplomatic sampler plugin for drums. Sound effects are created in in Bfxr.

Challenges I ran into

Figuring out player abilities, progressions, and parameters that the game can use, as well as how it can use those parameters to modify its behaviour and rules.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • The juiciness and overall feel of movement and exploding things
  • Writing 3 decent music loops after being awake for 29 hours

What I learned

  • Sleeping on bean bags is hard work
  • Hand programming 'particles' takes a lot of time

What's next for The Butterfly Effect

  • New enemy types
  • New trap types
  • Improved game content adjustments based on parameters
  • Multiplayer?

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