NYC, Philly and Baltimore are cities that suffer from aggressive potholes. While visiting their hackathons, we learned about some challenges they face, and were inspired to build a solution.

What it does

We hope to deputize citizens to volunteer their time and drive through the city with the app on, recording critical data on where potholes are.

How I built it

Bump It Up! uses an iOS App to record y-axis Accelerometer Data which signifies the iOS device encountering "bumps" or potholes in the road. Once the drive is done, it sends it to a backend database where a script runs to identify the potholes. Finally, there are two outputs - a Google Maps interface and a public facing RESTful API.

Challenges I ran into

Determining what the algorithm should be to that indicates a "bump" was challenging. Further, pushing the data from the iOS device to the server in a proper dictionary was strangely a challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We found two use cases for this project - both a Google Maps Visualizations and a public-facing RESTful API - which can be used to benefit the community.

What I learned

Specifically, our teammate Ashton Welles - a beginner to the hacking world - learned a significant amount about web development and impressed us all with his progress. Huge shoutout to him!

What's next for Bump It Up!

We shall see... :)

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