Fake news has become more prevalent with the development of social media. It is disengaging people from becoming involved with current events because many events are delivered to a user through unreliable memes. With the rise of fake news, people are basing their beliefs on unreliable information. The culture is shifting towards arguments instead of discussion.

What it does

Broader Lens is a website application that gives users who are both interested and not interested in the news access to reliable insight about current events from all aspects of the political spectrum: left, middle, right, etc. People can find current events that impact them directly by taking a survey about their demographics and a diagram showing the breakdown of the topic is displayed. Currently, the survey only has one question on age groups.

How I built it

Used html to make the buttons and text, css to make it pretty with colors, and JavaScript to run the logic sequence for showing the diagram based on the option the user picks.

Challenges I ran into

Technical difficulty making the diagrams appear only when an answer is inputted.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We made a website!

What I learned

Coding requires a lot of endurance and detail oriented skills, but the end result is very rewarding.

What's next for The Broader Lens

Make it more comprehensive with more survey questions and articles; expand to cover international news and be on a mobile app.

Currently the survey and website framework ARE SEPARATE. The two different links lead to each one. The website framework is just the design, and the survey should be the most functional

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