We have been building websites since 1996 and seen tools, standards and processes evolve. We believe we can now help others to do a giant leap forward in building better websites faster.

What it does

The BRiX Framework is not simply a Theme. It’s a combination of components, best practices and tools that make web site implementation more effective. It achieves this primarily by Allowing designers and developers to reuse components Improving collaboration between designers and developers Building on standards that make it easy to extend and grow

How I built it

We built the Framework in a team of senior developers, designers and product managers. It’s in many ways based on our experience with The Startup Framework, one of the most downloaded Hubspot Templates of all times.

The Framework incorporates ideas and experience that span the entire website implementation process to overcome the main challenges of templates and themes. It reduces the gap between marketeers, designers and developers.

Challenges I ran into

Scaling down our ambitions into a deliverable theme by the deadline.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Incorporating multi disciplinary ideas into a prototype product that works.

What I learned

How to build on the shoulder of giants instead of starting from scratch.

What's next for The BRiX Framework

We will extend the amount of available modules and templates. However, our biggest focus will be integration between Figma and Hubspot to further facilitate collaborations and save designers, developers and marketers time.

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