inspiration: we have been inspired by tech gurus such as Mark Zuckerberg. His ability to construct a website such as Facebook from the ground up inspired us to create out own app for court company S - E NEW

S - E is a new way for astronauts to stay fit in space so they are able to maintain their physic when they return back to Earth

Our slogan is to bridge the gap between space and Earth

as this app will provide a food plan alongside a fitness plan for the astronauts to maintain

By utilizing the BMI and blood pressure obtained by the sensor on the back of the device, we will be able to provide the correct calorie intake alongside a fitness plan

Next Steps

Our next steps are to include a Body Fat Index. This is key because the BMI is accurate but when considering "buff" individuals the BMI has a possibility of being incorrect and recommending a wrong meal plan alongside a wrong workout plan.

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