Congratulations, you are fully adult. Now what?

Growing up you've been told,

your life will turn over a new leaf as soon as you go to college

your life will complete if you finish your degree

your life will reform after your first job

but it just kept going on.

when will it stop?

you're running out of time

Our game simulates the experience as our player going through the maze with limited eyesight as to where they are heading. Tune in to the uplifting UI theme as you find your way back home while your time running out.

What it does

To win the game, you need to reach the house before the timer runs out! Sounds easy enough right? How about the fact that you need to drag your mouse to light up an area?

Use A D W S or arrows to go through the maze. Hold and drag the cursor to light up the path.

To run the game, open the jar file in desktop/build/libs

How we built it

Using IntelliJ IDEA, using the sprite render system provided by LibGDX.

The maze was generated by a seed given by the player. This seed will dictate the process of depth-first travel, by at every node, it will have to choose which node to travel in first. The player then will be placed in a random cell, and the target will be the farthest cell from the player.

This will create a small version of the maze, and the final maze will be twice bigger, with randomly generated additional edges.

Challenges we ran into

Since we only finished EECS132, we first decided to use JavaFX as our UI. But after we finish it, we decided that it wasn't the most aesthetic looking UI for the game so we decided to look into learning other focused game libraries and engines. However, after using the second day to build the game on Eclipse, we learned that Eclipse no longer supports our desired game engine LibGDX so we had to reach to IntelliJ IDEA.

If anything else could make it harder it would be doing all the coding on Citrix Workspace on the laptop we rent from Kelvin Smith library because ours broke down!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Randomized generation of the world map using the input seeds from the user. In the future, if the player wants to replay a map, they can enter this exact seed and get the exact map layout.

What's next for The Race

If we were to further develop this game, we would focus more on the animation for each frame to enhance the experience for the player so it can simulate life as much as possible. Along the line, building the atmosphere and deeper story plot would also something we will put on our plate. A better timer supporting speedrun will be a great addition for %Any or %Random Seed category.

In terms of algorithm and the code, we would build up the difficulty level and set up more user interfaces.

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