With the recent shift to remote work, we've realised that a lot of us face the same challenges working from home. One common thing was the feeling of isolation, where a lot of us missed the casual social interactions in the workplace.

What it does

The Break Room provides a virtual lunch and coffee room experience for anyone to connect with their colleagues easily. It is integrated into Microsoft Teams, which allows people to easily see who's online and quickly jump in for a quick chat or catch up!

How we built it

We went through several sprints in the product development cycle, from user research to product brainstorming to user testing.

Challenges we ran into

Meeting with our end users was more challenging due to the fact that we couldn't meet face to face.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of the clean user interface of the prototype we designed, and the feedback received from testing with our end users.

What we learned

Each coming from different backgrounds, we've all learnt a lot more about the product development cycle, such as user research/interviews, gaining user empathy, and developed a host of Product Management Skills.

What's next for The Break Room

We hope to further develop the app and put it on the Microsoft Teams app store!

Built With

  • figma
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