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Our Application the boring business is a great tool for any social media star or a content creator who wishes to autmoate the management of his or her social media so that they can focus on creating better content maybe spend their extra time for family ( Vin Disel enters the chat) or ( Spoiler Alert) maybe watching (spoiler alert) Loki fall in love with Loki

## What we propose

  • One-stop Automation for all content creators and community managers out there.
  • The platform will have a set of tools that will help Creators manage their day-to-day routine work with a click of a button so that they can quickly get back to their work.

How we Built it

  • Applications hosted in Google Cloud
  • Data layer built using DataStaz Astra using client module built by us
  • React for Client
  • Multiple Flask API to handle backend
  • Bot function deployed on Google Serverless
  • Google Vision for Hashtag generation


Twitter Bot

  • schedule and post tweets

  • comments review and moderation (WIP)

  • User Engagement Analytics

  • Ai based Tweet content generator ( Jina is used to searching for content from our database) (WIP)

Insta Bot (WIP)

  • schedule and post stories, post with relevant tags

  • insights/sentiment or something better

Discord bot (W.I.P)

  • post announcements

  • moderate chats

  • send reminders

Note: All the functionalities, design, and features were created during the hackathon period Lot of thanks to Github Co-pilot We have used premade starter templates to make our lives bit easy.

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