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The Bona Fide Club is the dating site for genuine people. We believe that past experience is incredibly powerful when harnessed to inform your future.

What it does

That's why The Bona Fide Club uses your own voice to speak for you. We use your profile, past conversations, and public data you've published, combined with the power of IBM Watson, to create an "authenticity score" that illustrates to other Club members that you're here for genuine interactions.

How we built it

We built The Bona Fide Club primarily with Ruby-on-Rails connected to a dot-club domain, incorporating the Twilio IP Messaging API Beta for high-quality one-to-one conversations, and a backend handling the heavy-lifting IBM Watson processing with Bash and Python.

Challenges we ran into

Our team of five consists mostly of freshly-minted engineers from DevBootCamp (DBC), so nearly every decision was new. Which front-end framework to use? How do we divide the work? By the end of our time we had the front-end largely in place, schemas designed and some testing done, and Watson integration completed. Fatigue eventually overcame us all.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The Bona Fide Club site itself is in excellent condition (at least, from an engineer's perspective) and we are proud to have learned to use the new Twilio IP Messaging API and the IBM Watson Personality Insights API - both are fascinating!

What's next for The Bona Fide Club

We expect to have the site run in a demo mode for several months as an adjunct portfolio site, while team members graduate from DBC and interview for positions in the local SF tech community.


Our code is hosted in two repositories; one for the Rails front-end connected to the Twilio API, and the second for the Bash/Python backend connected to IBM Watson.

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