Some people say our box is brown. It's actually black.

So what does this do?

The Black Box (BB) is a tool used to secure your goods, control yourself, and/or control your enemies. Regardless of what you want to do to your stuff or your arch nemesis's stuff, BB can handle it.

Super Technical

The core of the BB is an Intel Edison. With just a servo connected, BB can limit who or what accesses the box. The primary way of using BB is the web interface, which uses your computer webcam to see what's going on. Images from the webcam are piped to the Edison, which runs an OpenCV algorithm to detect faces. Depending on what the box was set to, and whether it was armed or not, the box can deny entry to your potential Twix Thieves. Or Peanut-Butter Plunderers. Or you could trick them and not put anything into the box.

The box also keeps a record of who attempted to access the box. A special panel allows you to see, in real time thanks to, the faces of those perpetrators. Someone tried to steal your cookies? BB will catch them red-handed.

Regular Safe Mode

Just put in your items and watch your enemies tremble.

Self Restraint

BB can also be used to control your snacking. Now everyone knows how many snacks there were this weekend at SpartaHack. This is where BB comes in handy!

You can place your items inside the box, and place BB into lockdown mode. If it sees anyone coming, it'll alarm the buzzer! So don't go anywhere near that box! Control thyselves!

"Coop Mode"

Sometimes, you just can't do self restraint. Well, having two people is always better than one!

This box will keep shut, until you show up with one of your friends. If it comes to it, it'll take two broken souls to open this one up!

Where there's rules, there's always a cash money workaround

Maybe you just want that snack so badly. Or maybe your enemies want to check out your mounds of gold. There is an option to Venmo a lot of money to charity, which if taken will open the box immediately and without hesitation.

Perhaps your stomach is no more full. Or perhaps your enemies are disappointed at your lack of wealth.

At least you got to watch them on the live stream.

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