Overview The BioDigital Human is an online 3D platform for exploring anatomy, physiology and disease.  At the most basic level, the BioDigital Human serves as an interactive tool to study human anatomy.  When combined with MedlinePlus Health Topics and simulated models of disease and treatments, it functions as a powerful way to visually communicate medical subjects. As we enter the 21st century, the amount of complex biomedical information requires new methods of communication.  Studies show that well designed, interactive visuals can represent information more efficiently than text and illustration. Recent advancements in web and 3D technology must be utilized to present information in virtual formats that more closely resemble life itself: visual, dynamic and 3D. Similar to how geo-browsers such as Google Earth serve as the basis for thousands of location based applications, the BioDigital Human Platform will open up entirely new ways to augment healthcare applications. BioDigital Human & MedlinePlus The BioDigital Male and Female consist of over four thousand scientifically accurate 3D anatomy models. To add value for patients, families and doctors during patient consultations, we have integrated the MedlinePlus Health Topics within the context of the interactive anatomy. MedlinePlus Health Topics are mapped to anatomy objects and displayed as users visually explore the virtual body. Users can drill into the health topic names to read more, or link out to the MedlinePlus web site. The next version of the BioDigital Human will include simulations of the most common health topics, and the supplementary descriptions provided by the MedlinePlus API will play an even more central and important role. Technical Note To support the 3D graphics, this web app requires a relatively new computer and a browser such as Chrome or Firefox that supports the emerging standard for web based 3D  called WebGL. The browser vendors are working very hard to make this novel new standard accessible to more people in the upcoming year.

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