As busy university students, we don't often have the time to think about where to throw our trash. We wanted an app that would take the guesswork and hassle of recycling away, and provide an easy way for people to recycle without having to shred a brain cell.

What it does

The app allows the user to take a picture of their trash that they wish to throw out. Using artificial intelligence, the app is able to tell them what it is they are throwing out, and tell them in which bin it belongs.

How we built it

We built the user interface of the app using Android Studio. The backend and machine learning was handled by firebase.

Challenges we ran into

Through our struggles we struggled to integrate the camera into the app, but in the end persevered. We also struggled with the vocabulary that the AI model was able to learn accurately, as it was able to only distinguish about 1000 things, most of which were not trash.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making a fully functional app ready for deployment.

What we learned

Learned about the intricacies of Android Studio and and machine learning algorithms.

What's next for The Bin Buddy

For Bin Buddy the next steps are to upscale the vocabulary of our machine learning model, along with improving recognition, such that it may more accurately distinguish between trash. Additionally, we would like to expand the app globally, as depending on the country the user is in, there are different recycling laws, and we would like our app to reflect that.

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